ponedeljek, 21. marec 2011

Raise your voice!

Hey punx,
here is our last gig at Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana. We shared stage with Baka Yaro and Tragedy. Lots of people showed up and we deeply appreciate everyone who wanted to check our set. We played a decent show probably one of the best in the country we live. We always played like it is our last gig, we gave it all as usual but this was for real our last gig. Lots of strong emotions went through our heads and a bitter taste was in our mouths. The last high-five ritual before the gig was priceless, haha. OK enough with the cheesiness, this ship sank and it is on the muddy bottom of these punk rock ocean, luckily the members survived! We are still on the surface active in different band.

Jaka and Jure are bringing heavy destruction with Leechfeast; Jaka, Jure and Andrej are involved in Paper Plane Crash doing some sweet postHC; I'm still singing for my good old band Human Host Body.

So the deal with this post is that our good friend Antonio recorded the gig and Jure edited it. And some of the songs have never been recorded. So if you missed the gig at least you can see it on your computer.

>> Manifest Pt.II

"These song is about us being part of the international DIY punk community. How it shaped us as individuals and mostly how these experience showed us the way DIY can be a weapon to fight the music industry and mostly how DIY is a weapon to be applied every day in our daily lives, how we can do thing on our own! It is also about the most important thing in the DIY punk community and that is friendship and trust toward our comrades. These is the glue that keeps all the thing together and make us strong. Don't get me wrong it is not another song about friendship and unity. It's a song how strong can we be when bounds like these work. These incredible feeling of trusting people and relying on them all around the globe is hard to describe. How much more we can do with attitudes like these! Remember we never lack of passion to set these heart on fire!"

>> Grinding Pressure

Sometimes life is hard like hell! We have to face so many expectations from the folks around us and then we have so much pressure on our self that we can't find a way out. Facing our fears is hard and sometimes we rather lock ourselves and isolate us from the world outside. You go to sleep and that you have all these anxious thoughts buzzing in your head that you can't sleep and sometimes this shit damages you so bad that you can get really sick. It is a tough fight!

>> V Pepel

Another song about life being hard on you, haha. The feeling of being lost and confused in these society which makes you think that your life choices are all wrong, but deep inside you know which way to go even in the mist of all expectations from these society you just know that it is the right way. You just need to hold on and maybe you will find an end to it.

>> Mother's Love

Well, it is an old song from our 7“ so I'll make it short. Relations between your close ones can be easily misunderstood but everyone just wants the best for you.

>> Manifest Pt.I

Hardcore punk scene is so polluted with bullshit, with things that were never meant to be part of these scene. It pissed me off when I see people label themselves as hardcore and wearing sweat-shop clothes, being macho, being sexist, homophobes, CONSUMERS! We(as a band) wanna separate ourselves from these stuff. Make it clear that what is hardcore punk and what is businessmen. Hardcore punk should be done with heart because this is the only way to do thing with passion. These is our manifest to prove you that thing can be done in a DIY way. To prove you wrong.

>> Road-side

This song is dedicated to everyone who inspired us on the road. To all the lovely people we meet on tour who find a way out from the gasps of these post-modern society. We live in a reality that force us to calculate the future, like what we gonna do when we grow up, which school go to earn more money, what to do when we graduate or who will take care of us when we retire. This song is for everyone who lives outside these maps written and dictated by this society and to encourage everyone who is on this way. We gonna meet each other soon around a camp fire singing song in a forest or on a rooftop of a occupied building! Just hold on and don't give up we will win!

>> Trn V Križ

Song about how our politicians use pro-gay propaganda to gain votes, but they are merely hypocrites! It is funny how we were right about left-winged politics being hypocrites, because right now there is a new pack of laws and rights connected with the family structure in making and guess what... under the pressure of the clero-fashist they canceled most of the gay right that they promoted during their campaigns. They canceled the right of gay marriage and gay couples could adopt children and now thanks to the christian homophobes they will need to wait for another 10 years that something will change. But what can you expect from a government which most of the highest members are gay but they just won't come out of the closet... Hail Satana!

četrtek, 18. november 2010

The end

Most of you already know, for those who don`t - we split up.

It`s been a great journey, we met so many awesome people over this last 2 years and we`ve seen places that really took our breath away.
There are too many people to thank, when I just wanna name a few the most important, another 10 pop in my head that I can`t forget and this could go on and on, so from the bottom of our hearts thanks to everyone who helped us in any kind of way, we really appreciate it and we love you!
Special thanks goes to Mare for everything he has done for us and of course Antonio and Teja for all their help.

If you`re interested in our other projects check out Human Host Body, Leechfeast and Paperplanecrash

I know everything sounds cheesy, but we really feel this way!



sobota, 4. september 2010


Jure and me started another band some time ago, with 3 good friends. We recorded a few songs and we have our first show next week in Sub, Graz. If you`re interested you can check it out here - http://leechfeast.blogspot.com/

Have fun!


torek, 17. avgust 2010

Pictures from the past


here I'm publishing photos from our last tour. Yeah, I know it was quite a long time ago. So, sorry for the delay. It was my fault, cause my old laptop died few months ago and I can't find the right software for Mac OSX.

Long Live Melete