nedelja, 30. november 2008

6/12/08........... next show

On that day we play a show in Postojna. We're gonna share a stage with Austrian metal/punk/hc masters THE PLAGUE MASS. Come, support your local scene, have a drink with us...

The flyer is made by our guitarist!


torek, 25. november 2008

We are all robots

So, last weekend we recorded drums, one guitar and bass for 4 of our songs. Some tracks of guitars and vocals will be recorded as soon as possible. And we also have to say thanks to Antonio, who recorded some tunes for the intro. Thanks a lot, buddy! All the records will be mixed by our friend Samuel. There will be also available some photos and video clips from the recording session on the blog. Just keep reading!

Here are some photos from our show in Ljubljana. All the photos were taken by Nik Rovan.

petek, 07. november 2008

Recording session

Hey suckers,

next weekend we are going to record 3 or 4 songs. Recording will take place in Koper with some help of our great friend Samuel. Hopefully everything will turn out great?!?!!?? Music, photos... soon after the session.

sobota, 01. november 2008

This week

This week we played 2 shows with 2 great bands. One in Pivka with French Sugartown Cabaret, and one in Ljubljana with Maudlin from Pičku mater. Great bands, great people... Miss you all!!!!