nedelja, 21. december 2008

Fuck reality shows!

We got the video clip from the last show in Postojna. Its production is wonderful, but the quality is not so great. Fuck cameras! So, here we go.

Rok also did us a test-press of our yellow sexy button, which will be available next week for free or for some voluntary donation.

ponedeljek, 15. december 2008

A long trip to the end

We finally uploaded our first song. Hope it is in final version. It will be one of the four on the upcoming release. So, listen to and comment it. If anybody wants the mp3 of the song, just write us on the mail and we'll send it to you. By the way, we'd like to hit the Europe in February, so if you could help us, feel free to write us.

Here is the design of our button which will be available soon.

Bye, Jurzl

četrtek, 11. december 2008

Same shit as always

Last saturday we had great time with austrian buddies - The Plague Mass. They are so awesome as musicians and so friendly as people, so you must check them out and support. We played the same set as on the first two shows, because the new songs haven't been finished yet. We also haven't got the records yet, so you'll have to wait. Sorry!

Here are some photos from saturday show, check them out:

Cheers, Jurzl

sreda, 03. december 2008

Nova Vas

V nedeljo sva z Jako šla v Novo Vas k Samuleu snemat. Končali smo s snemanjem kitar in smo naredili vokale še za en komad z naslovom "Faliure is a design", tako da smo proti koncu z snemanjem.
V teh dneh se lotevamo tudi malo designa glede logotov in podobnih pizdarij in glede na to da nismo neki stručkoti bomo veseli katere koli pomoči oziroma prispevkov.

Last sunday Jaka and me went to Nova Vas where Samuel has his recording studio. We finish recording guitars and put vocals on one song that is entitled "Faliure is a design", so we are near the end of these recordings.
These days we are trying to get some ideas about the designe for our logos and other things, but because we aren't that good at we'll be happy of any your help or contribution.