sobota, 24. oktober 2009

Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.

Hey buddies,
we finally uploaded some photos and made two slideshows from them. Now you can check our most interesting moments from our previous tour. We also should announce that we had to cancel our next tour across Italy and France, because of unsolvable booking problems with shows in Italy. Too bad that we wasted another chance to play with our best band - Bökanövsky.
We're planning to do official release party. It won't be like any other release party, because we want to do something special, but nothing is for sure yet. We'll keep you updated! :)

And we are not dead yet! You can check our future with click on Shows in the menu bar.

Take care, Jure&Melete

torek, 13. oktober 2009


Soon it will be exactly 1 year from our first show in Pivka. On almost the same date we will have release party/picnic/benefit in the same club, called Cuza. After this show we will visit Switzerland and France for a few days. Also we have some more shows booked for this year.
We have also some big plans for 2010. In February we are doing Balkan tour with our beloved Sand creek massacre from Holland. Later the same year (probably in May or June) we will do a longer trip around the Europe. We will keep you updated. So like you see we would like to tour as much as possible and also we would like to record some new stuff.

Take care and see you around

Next shows:
28/10 - Pivka, Slovenia (release party)
29/10 - Biel, Switzerland
30/10 - Day off
31/10 - Toulouse, France (with Bokanovsky)
01/11 - Marseille, France (with Bokanovsky)
07/11 - Trieste, Italy (with Infarto Scheisse)
24/11 - Graz, Austria (with Unquiet)