četrtek, 30. april 2009

In the End, we'll remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Hey buddies,
we are home. We're back to our usual lifestyles and routine world. We spent four wonderful days in the Balkan area and played some of the best shows we've ever played.

We'd like to thank and send a kiss to: Josko from Final Approach, Enej from The Lift, Rok from Uprising Voice and all KKxHC crew; Ana(we love you!), Felix, Nikola and Vojkan from Beograd; Spaske and ROIR crew from Novi Sad; Penx from Rijeka and nasty navigator Leki who spent 2 days and a night with us. :)
We would also like to thank to all bands who shared a stage with us and people who came to us and spoke some words with us.
And in the end special thanks goes to our 5th member Marko for all his help and love.


sobota, 25. april 2009

Our pants, Your patches.

As usual we did a last minute silk screening job for the cover of the Tour EP. OK, just by the way, this CD-R has new master and it sounds much better then the first one. We also did some patches, but we didn't have cloth so we used Jaka's pants.
That's all, I gotta go catch some sleep, today we destroy Krško!


petek, 24. april 2009

Week full of sweat

Tomorrow we're off to the Balkan. We're gonna spend 4 beautiful days sharing our music, thoughts, tears, smell... in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. Join the party if you're around.
Next Sunday we will start recording our side of split LP with our German boyfriends Downfall of Gaia (www.myspace.com/downfallofgaia). Do your homework and check this awesome band!!! Hopefully record will be out in a few months.
Also we are in process of booking our September tour. Below you can see dates and if you can help us, don't hesitate to contact us.

Melete crew

September tour:
08.09.2009 Austria, TBA
09.09.2009 Germany, TBA
10.09.2009 Germany (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
11.09.2009 Belgium (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
12.09.2009 Netherland (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
13.09.2009 Netherland (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
14.09.2009 Germany, TBA
15.09.2009 Denmark, TBA
16.09.2009 Sweden, TBA
17.09.2009 Sweden, TBA
18.09.2009 Denmark (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
19.09.2009 Germany (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
20.09.2009 Germany (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
21.09.2009 Czech republic, TBA
22.09.2009 Czech republic or Poland, TBA
23.09.2009 Czech republic, TBA
24.09.2009 Slovakia, TBA
25.09.2009 Austria, TBA
26.09.2009 Austria, TBA

nedelja, 19. april 2009

Šparglji in tha Woods

Prejšnji vikend sem odšel v gozd nabirat šparglje in uživat v naravo, ki se je ravno začela prebujati iz zimskega spanja. V teh dneh smo se tudi z Melete začeli prebujati iz zimske stagnacije. Po turneji nismo vadili skoraj mesec in pol, tako, da nam sedaj primanjkuje časa za pripravo na to turnejico, za vadbo komadov, pripravo na snemanje... krivi smo si sami, vendar bomo dali vse od sebe in poštimali stvari kot je treba. Naredili smo tudi dva nova komada, ki pa jih je treba še malo dodelati in definirati vokale.
Čez teden dni se odpravljamo na 4 dnevno Balkan turnejico in vsi komaj čakamo da spet igramo, srečamo stare/nove prijatelje, vidimo super bende in za kratek čas zbežimo iz našega vsakdana.
Ta teden je bil poln presenečenj, ki so nam dali polno elana in motivacije, da čas, ki nam je ostal pred izpiti in maturo iskoristimo in poskušamo biti kar se da produktivni. Tako, da se takoj po turneji zapiramo v studijo, kjer bomo posneli 5 komadov. Snemali bomo z Emirjem (Aktivna propaganda) v njegovem studiju, za mix in master pa bo poskrbel Jakič (Senata fox).
Narejen je tudi že plan za septembersko turo, sedaj se bomo lotili bookinga in lahko povem, da bomo zdoma skoraj 3 tedne... m'fak dt šiiiiit!

Last weekend i went in the woods to gather asparagus and enjoy the nature that just start to waking from the winter spleep. In these days also Melete started to waking up from winter stagnation. After the tour we haven't been rehearsing for almost a month and a half, so now we are running out of time to get ready for the tour, practice our songs, get ready for the recordings... we can blame it on our own, but we will do our best that everything will work out how it should. We also did 2 new songs that need a bit completion and the vocals have to be defined yet.
In a week we are going on 4 day Balkan tour and we all wait to play again, meet old/new friends, see awesome bands and to escape for a while from the everyday. This week has been full of surprises, that gave us lots of motivation to work with full force till the exam period. So, after the tour we will close ourselves in the studio to record 5 songs. We will be recording with Emir (Aktivna propaganda) in his own studio and Jakič (Senata fox) will take care of mixing and mastering.
Also a plan for September tour is done, now we will start booking it and i can say that we will be away from home for almost 3 weeks... m'fak dt šiiiiit!


nedelja, 05. april 2009


we had so much problems with booking this 5 day balkan tour, so we have to cancel one day and we will do only 4 days. Shit happenes, but we are still very happy to do this weekend trip.
Bellow you can see dates. Come to see us, talk to us, have fun with us, drink with us...

25.04. Krško (Slovenia) - MC Krško w/ Esclin Syndo
26.04. Beograd (Serbia) - Klub Žica w/ The Truth, Bottox, Jatagan
27.04. Novi Sad (Serbia)
28.04. Rijeka (Croatia) - Podrum w/ Distaste