petek, 24. april 2009

Week full of sweat

Tomorrow we're off to the Balkan. We're gonna spend 4 beautiful days sharing our music, thoughts, tears, smell... in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. Join the party if you're around.
Next Sunday we will start recording our side of split LP with our German boyfriends Downfall of Gaia ( Do your homework and check this awesome band!!! Hopefully record will be out in a few months.
Also we are in process of booking our September tour. Below you can see dates and if you can help us, don't hesitate to contact us.

Melete crew

September tour:
08.09.2009 Austria, TBA
09.09.2009 Germany, TBA
10.09.2009 Germany (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
11.09.2009 Belgium (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
12.09.2009 Netherland (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
13.09.2009 Netherland (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
14.09.2009 Germany, TBA
15.09.2009 Denmark, TBA
16.09.2009 Sweden, TBA
17.09.2009 Sweden, TBA
18.09.2009 Denmark (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
19.09.2009 Germany (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
20.09.2009 Germany (with Downfall of Gaia), TBA
21.09.2009 Czech republic, TBA
22.09.2009 Czech republic or Poland, TBA
23.09.2009 Czech republic, TBA
24.09.2009 Slovakia, TBA
25.09.2009 Austria, TBA
26.09.2009 Austria, TBA

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Peter pravi ...

ooo kaki tur. noro.
pozdrav, pero

Anonimni pravi ...

com'on, where is Toulon guys?