petek, 26. februar 2010


We're back from the Balkan tour we did with Sand Creek Massacre. Yesterday we played our last show in Pivka. Usually we only write a thank you list, but this time I decided to write some more words, since so many things are rushing trough my brains. First of all I would like to say that this was far the best tour we did. For the first time we were touring with other band, and we couldn't choose better option than Sand Creek Massacre. We met this guys and a girl exactly 1 year ago, we became friends, did some more shows together latter last year. But this tour made us more than just band friends. So many things happened, so many great conversations, sharing good and bad moments... Definitely we put our friendship on different level, and we are really thankful for that.

OK, let's not be to pathetic and say thank you to: Thijs, Mark, Kim, Peter, Erik, Marit and Boau for everything, same goes to Teja and our good friend Nina from Mainz. It was really nice to have you with us. Ozy and Anaeroba guys for great day in Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica, Mario the Zagreb legend and Gonzo, people who helped us in Belgrade, all crazy Niš people (definitely the best after party ever, keep up the good work!!!), Vasko, Tina, Džano, Tripe and others from Skopie (you're too nice!!! Brate nema više Ajvarja) and in the end to Marko (who stayed home this time) and all of our friends who helped us book a last minute show in Pivka and every body that came on this really awesome show. Thanks again!!!!

Andrej & Melete

torek, 09. februar 2010

Back to the future!

Ok here are our dates for the May tour.
As you can see we are still looking for most of the shows, so if you could help us out please don`t hesitate to contact us.

18.05. - Pogo Loco (Budapest, HUN) w/ Kernel Panic, Spark
19.05. - NEED HELP! (Slovakia)
20.05. - Pub Zdarta Plyta (Nowy Sacz, POL)
21.05. - Culture Center (Ruda Slaska, POL)
22.05. - Grill Bar (Chelm, POL)
23.05. - TBA (Warsaw, POL) w/Shades Of Grey
24.05. - NEED HELP! (Poland)
25.05. - NEED HELP! (Czech)
26.05. - NEED HELP! (Czech)
27.05. - NEED HELP! (Slovakia)
28.05. - NEED HELP! (Austria/Slovakia/Hungary)
29.05. - Atelier DIY (Timisoara, ROM) w/Shades Of Grey
30.05. - CK 13 (Novi Sad, SRB) w/Shades Of Grey
31.05. - Medika (Zagreb, CRO) w/Shades Of Grey
01.06. - MKNŽ (Il. Bistrica, SLO) w/Shades Of Grey

sobota, 06. februar 2010

Some news!

Ok it`s been some time again since our last post, so here`s what`s we`ve been planning in this time...

In 2 weeks we start our Balkan tour with Sand Creek Massacre, you can check the dates below! 14 people, 2 vans, 1 can that not be crazy!! Come around if you have some time ;)

After that we`re gonna play a show in Rijeka on 31st of March with mighty All Day Hell from Poland! Check them out on myspace (

Also we decided to change our plan for April/May tour, it`s probably gonna happen from 18th May to 1st June, some shows are already confirmed and we`re gonna post the new tour plan in a couple of days (we`ll need some help for sure, so please don`t hesitate to contact us :))

And if everything goes as planned we will record some new songs soon, to have them with us in May. And there`s a bunch of other stuff planned, but we`ll keep it a secret untill it`s all for sure.

That`s pretty much it, I think!
Love, love, love