sobota, 06. februar 2010

Some news!

Ok it`s been some time again since our last post, so here`s what`s we`ve been planning in this time...

In 2 weeks we start our Balkan tour with Sand Creek Massacre, you can check the dates below! 14 people, 2 vans, 1 can that not be crazy!! Come around if you have some time ;)

After that we`re gonna play a show in Rijeka on 31st of March with mighty All Day Hell from Poland! Check them out on myspace (

Also we decided to change our plan for April/May tour, it`s probably gonna happen from 18th May to 1st June, some shows are already confirmed and we`re gonna post the new tour plan in a couple of days (we`ll need some help for sure, so please don`t hesitate to contact us :))

And if everything goes as planned we will record some new songs soon, to have them with us in May. And there`s a bunch of other stuff planned, but we`ll keep it a secret untill it`s all for sure.

That`s pretty much it, I think!
Love, love, love

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