sobota, 14. marec 2009

Future plans

Hey boys and girls,

no, no we are not dead or something, we are still well and kicking. So, here are our plans for the future. In the end of April we're going to visit Balkan, this will be only 5 day tour, since we're a bit short on time. Below you can see dates. We are still searching for a date or two, so, if you can help don't hesitate do contact us. After that we plan to hit the studio to record 4 songs, which will be released on a 7inch. In September we also plan to do a bit longer European tour. Since nothing is for sure yet, we'll keep our mouth shut for now.


Balkan tour:
25.4. Krško (Slovenia)
26.4. Beograd (Serbia)
27.4. Novi Sad (Serbia)
28.4. Rijeka (Croatia)

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