sreda, 07. marec 2007

Pics from our journey

We uploaded just some photos, because we've got hundred of them. They set a story from our travel and there aren't any photos from our gigs. We'll collect them soon and we'll make another thumbnail. Bye!

endless journey


 yeeeeeaaaaaaaaah the tour started!

 luuuunch time:)

 on the way to Toulon

 at the Bokanovsky resident, it's all about friendship and love


 Market in Toulon

 sunny Toulon, great people

 French couzine, St.Etienne

 bizniscore, heheheheh

 sleeping like babies in St.Etienne

 ohhh man, that sucken in the morning

 in the van again

 Italian crustafarian

 Kori and Luka

 Trip-Huus, Biel

 inside of Trip-Huus

 no comment

 to cold to swim in Biel

 more dogs than people

 relaxing in Lea's place


 Koevoet in Antwerp

 goooood morning

 streets of Antwerp

 waiting, waiting, waiting…

 Fred and his girlfriend, Sand creek massacre and Melete

 What to say here?!?!?! CHAOS BAR!!!!!!!


 chaotic morning in Leuven

 Wake and bake

 sooooo cheap…

 at some gas station

 pure beauty

 Having fun in Mainz

 Haus Mainusch in Mainz

 chiling in Mainz

 sexy black metal

 Last drummer standing, hehehehe

 new material?

 youth of today!

 hmmm… Jure, hehehehehhee

 Satan is our teacher

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zulexxx pravi ...

super su vam fotke sa turneje...jebote bas mi je krivo sto se sjebalo sa roir pa nisam dosao na kraju da vas opet vidim...i gdje je ovo mljeko i sve po 1e i nesto..belgija?...ja zelim da zivim u tom raju...