torek, 08. december 2009


Ufff, it's been a while from our last post. In a meanwhile we played some really great shows. We had a release party in Pivka, and we would like to thank Growing rats to play awesome show and to all the people that came. The day after we played in Trieste. We played a decent show, a lot of people came, food was amazing... Thanks to pianoearthquake guys and Tetris crew. Last show we did took place in Graz. What to say? We had a great time, got a bit drunk and played one of the best show this year. Thanks to Boredom, Plague mass and Sub people.
This Friday we play our last show this year. Channel zero is a club and is a part of one of the best places in the whole world. Almighty Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana. Come if you're around.

We also have some plans for the next year. In February we will visit Balkan again, but this time with our friends Sand creek massacre. We are still looking for some dates, so help us out if you can. Also April tour is in preparation, but i will keep my mouth shut, since we are waiting that Luka and Jaka come back from the tour with Human host body and we discuss the last details. I can only say that we will be touring for around 16 to 18 days.

Take care and all the best in upcoming year.

Balkan dates:

19.02. - Slovenia
20.02. - Croatia
21.02. - Serbia
22.02. - Serbia
23.02. - Macedonia
24.02. - Bosnia and Hercegovina
25.02. - Bosnia and Hercegovina

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