sreda, 10. marec 2010


Title says it all. We're home for a week now, all a bit depressed. Shitty daily routine again. Jure is working on his exams and he is really successful, Jaka is not doing anything special, Luka went to France to visit some friends and i spend 8 hours a day in a shitty office. But we have some big plans.
In the end of April we will close ourselves in the studio where we will record songs for our first LP. We are looking for some cool DIY labels to help us in this project. We are also doing some shows around and in May we go on tour again (still need some dates). See bellow. There you can also see our rough plan for the September tour. We just started booking it, so places can change a bit, but we hope we will do it that way. If you can help us just drop us a line...


18.05. - Pogo Loco (Budapest, HUN) w/Kernel Panic, Spark
19.05. - NEED HELP! (Slovakia)
20.05. - Pub Zdarta Plyta (Nowy Sacz, POL) w/Aletheia
21.05. - Culture Center (Ruda Slaska, POL) w/Glöm Dä, Konspirationen
22.05. - Tekture (Lublin, POL)w/ Moscow Death Brigade, Jah Wind
23.05. - Elba Squat (Warsaw, POL) w/Shades Of Grey, All Day Hell
24.05. - Kawiarnia Naukowa (Krakow, POL) w/Shades Of Grey
25.05. - Day off
26.05. - Vegalite (Brno, CZ) w/Shades Of Grey, Jonestown
27.05. - EKH (Wien) w/From The Depths, Rivers Run Dry
28.05. - NEED HELP! (HUN) w/Rivers Run Dry
29.05. - Atelier DIY (Timisoara, ROM) w/Shades Of Grey, Pavilionul 32
30.05. - CK 13 (Novi Sad, SRB) w/Shades Of Grey, Reflections Of Internal Rain
31.05. - Medika (Zagreb, CRO) w/Shades Of Grey, Gardens Of Hiroshima
01.06. - MKNŽ (Il. Bistrica, SLO) w/Shades Of Grey
03.06. - Sub (Graz, AUT) w/Sand Creek Massacre

06.09. GER
07.09. GER
08.09. GER
09.09. NL
10.09. GER
11.09. DK
12.09. DK
13.09. NOR
14.09. Day off in the woods
15.09. Day off in the woods
16.09. NOR
17.09. SWE
18.09. SWE
19.09. SWE
20.09. SWE
21.09. DK
22.09. DK
23.09. Day off
24.09. BEL
25.09. FRA
26.09. FRA
27.09. SWI
28.09. ITA
29.09. ITA

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