četrtek, 18. november 2010

The end

Most of you already know, for those who don`t - we split up.

It`s been a great journey, we met so many awesome people over this last 2 years and we`ve seen places that really took our breath away.
There are too many people to thank, when I just wanna name a few the most important, another 10 pop in my head that I can`t forget and this could go on and on, so from the bottom of our hearts thanks to everyone who helped us in any kind of way, we really appreciate it and we love you!
Special thanks goes to Mare for everything he has done for us and of course Antonio and Teja for all their help.

If you`re interested in our other projects check out Human Host Body, Leechfeast and Paperplanecrash

I know everything sounds cheesy, but we really feel this way!



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