četrtek, 12. februar 2009

Flip the tape

It's 5.00 in the morning and i just can't sleep. I tried to close my eyes, but no luck. Thoughts are flying trough my head, my heart is beating like mad, my body is nervous and I feel like i'm going to explode. There's no words to describe my happiness, since the tour is approaching so fast. But i'm not happy only because all the adventures that will happen, all friends we will meet again, all the bands we will share the stage with, all the good and bad things we will experience… i'm happy to get away from here. Last few weeks are quite hard for me. I am in some weird life period and i'm constantly thinking on some issues. So, i really can't wait to run away from the streets i daily go through, from the people i meet every day, from my bed, my room… i really have to fill my batteries again, to deal with my daily life and off course to find some energy i can put in Melete. I'm pretty sure that this tour will return some positivity in my heart and i will be the same old person again.
Ok, that's it i guess. In the end i would like to thank other guys from the band, to be in this with me. And also would like to say sorry, since written lines don't represent the whole band.

Now, burn me!!!!!

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