nedelja, 22. februar 2009

The saddest day

We're back from the tour. It was a blast. In the near future we will post some photos and maybe even write a tour report.

For now we would like to thank and say hello to: Bokanovsky family and Claire (we miss you); Sylvian and St. Etienne crew; Dodo, Tobi and the rest of Biel squatters; Lea (can't wait till summer); Fred and his lovely girlfriend for the great accommodation in Antwerp; Brad and Chaos bar people (now we know why Chaos bar); Sand creek massacre (thanks for 2 great shows); Nina, Tobi and Marius from Mainz; Simon and St. Ingbert punxxx; Manuela & Philipp for being so nice to us; our girlfriends a boyfriends Helan, Maria, Diana, Martin and Sakke from Shades of grey; Saso and Coma Stereo and in the end our friend Kori to be with us on this trip and 5th member of Melete Marko for everything he has done for us.

We would also like to thank to the bands who shared a stage with us, but we forgot their names, Sorry!

All of you have a special place in our hearts!

Andrej, Luka, Jure and Jaka

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