nedelja, 17. maj 2009

Chaos is me and is also us!

in the upcoming week we are going to record all vocals for our 4 new songs. And yeah, we're pretty active in our upcoming split release with Downfall Of Gaia. We'll also contribute a song for the French compilation which will be released by Desertion Records. Check it out!!
Last Wednesday we played a gig in Koper and I have to say a disastrous one, because it was our second show that would be amplified and we couldn't hear each other, so we were just playing by heart. The PA systems suck and we hate them!!

Here is the report from our show in Rijeka:

On Tuesday evening our small DIY shelter P.O.D.R.U.M. hosted two bands: Melete from Slovenia and Distaste from Austria. Melete playing chaotic emo violence and Distaste showing us how in Austria can grind like Nasum once did too.

The concert as usually started late, for there is no need to hurry in such occasions… Though this is perhaps sarcastic, I must say I really get annoyed lately with all those delays regarding the start of the gig.

The first band on stage (if you can call it that way :) was Melete that conquered the small crowd in front of them with sheer energy and power. Although they had parts where you could hear them going off beat, they really kicked some major ass – and you can hear these guys listen to a lot of Orchid! This influence is more than obvious, and I must say welcomed from my side.

Distaste on the other hand are well played modern day grindcore machine. Three funny Austrians with their even funnier English (with heavy German accent) gave us a good stir. After 20 and so minutes, I was convinced that they are done but they just kept on going filling the cavities in between the songs with laughter and jokes mostly on them.

What to say in the end, if they only played for half an hour they would be great, as they didn’t, they are only good. Melete on the other hand are just plain great, and are what hardcore punk should be – honest, full of energy and careless of mistakes.

Over and out.

And here is a video clip from our show in Krško:

Bye bye, Jure

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Although they had parts where you could hear them going off beat, they really kicked some major ass

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