sobota, 13. junij 2009

Van, weed and beer

Our plan to release a split LP with Downfall of Gaia disappeared like a joint in Luka's hands:D DOG disbanded so we stayed without LP and tour with them. Shit happens but we are going on. Our 4 songs will be released as a 7", hopefully in a few months. Also we changed our September tour. Not much, just a bit... check below. After this tour we will rest for a month and than we will hit the road again. This time we will do just a small tour (from 29/10 to 2/11) across Italy and France. Just to say hi to our friends for the last time in this year:D:D
Also our new song Sungaze (you can listen it in the player at the end of the post) will appear on French compilation released by Desertion records. On this compilation you will also find bans as: Daitro, 12xu, Gasmask terror, Dakhma, Tesa, Adorno, Magdalene, Lakme...

Take care and enjoy the sunny weather

08.09. Austria
09.09. Germany
10.09. Germany
11.09. Belgium
12.09. Netherlands
13.09. Netherlands
14.09. Netherlands
15.09. Germany
16.09. Germany
17.09. Germany
18.09. Poland
19.09. Poland
20.09. Ukraine
21.09. Poland
22.09. Czech Republic
23.09. Czech Republic
24.09. Slovakia
25.09. Austria
26.09. Austria

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