torek, 14. julij 2009


Yes, we're back. After almost 2 months of hiatus we had our first rehearsal together, It was a blast. In the last 6 months we've spent together we had to take some weeks of vacation. In the meanwhile we were active as well. We set some decent shows, made new friends, met old ones...
hmmm, what is happening with the 7"? Yesterday we sent our material to the pressing plant. Now we hope everything will be ok and records will be here in 6 - 7 weeks. Covers, booklets, art work... will be done by us, DIY or DIE, hehehehe... We'll see, if we don't run out of time we will do a picnic/release show/party in our home club Pivka.
Also tour is approaching faaaast. We booked almost all the shows, but we are still looking for some. When everything is confirmed we will post the dates. Must say we are looking forward to do this tour. By the way, for 3 days Sand creek massacre from Netherlands will join us. Check this band, guys and a girl are awesome!!!!

That's it, enjoy the sun, got to the sea side, or have a time of your life wherever you are.

Melete crew

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