petek, 24. julij 2009


The 3/4 of Melete went to Fluff fest. I stayed home, since i can't feel much joy in such festivals. I prefer small squats or clubs with not much people inside, yeah loooser, i know. We are still waiting for the 7 inches, but i guess they will arrive soon. And below you can see our September tour. Can't wait to hit the road again. The last one, mini Balkan tour, was 3 months ago and we all miss the tour life. Also we are planning to do 2 shows in the begining of September with our brothers Coma Stereo. If i am not wrong we will play one show in Slovenia and one in Croatia. But like i said, i don't know much about that, since CS are booking it. And also a short one in November will follow, but nothing is for sure yet, but we will keep you updated!!!!

So this is how the tour looks like:
08.09. Austria, NEED HELP!!!
09.09. Germany, TÜBINGEN
10.09. Germany, MAINZ
11.09. Belgium, IEPER
12.09. Netherlands, EMMEN
13.09. Netherlands, ZWOLLE
14.09. Netherlands, Having fun with SCM
15.09. Germany, KOLN
16.09. Germany, HANNOVER
17.09. Germany, BERLIN
18.09. Poland, PIENSK
19.09. Poland, KRAKOW
20.09. Poland, BIALA PODLASKA
21.09. Poland, Day Off
22.09. Czech Republic, PRAGUE
23.09. Czech Republic, OLOMOUC
24.09. Czech Republic, CESKY TESIN
25.09. Austria/Slovakia, NEED HELP!!!
26.09. Austria, NEUSIEDL AM SEE

Like you can see we are still looking for some shows. Your help is more than welcome, so don't hesitate to contact us.

yours Melete

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