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The only true living legend and a really good friend Fočo will turn 30 soon. On 22nd of August he's having a huge party at Pumpa squat. We are honored he invited us to play a show for him. Also In-sane, Analena will appear among others. This will be our first show after a while. And don't expect much, since we are lazy asses and don't rehearse much, hehehehe...
Ok, we haven't even left to our September tour, but we already plan new one. This time Italy and France, not a real tour, just a short one. See dates bellow and help us if you can!!!!
Another news is that Konsti from Gafas del Rigor Cassettes (http://www.myspace.com/gafasdelrigorcassettes) will release Melete on a DIY cassette. No one is sure when this will happen. Maybe till the end of this year or in beginning of 2010.
We are also working on February tour with our beloved Sand Creek massacre from Netherlands. Check this band, they kick ass (http://www.myspace.com/sandcreekmassacre)!!!!!! We will hit Balkan all the way to Macedonia. We will post the dates in the near future.

Dates for October:
29.10. - Trieste (Italy)
30.10. - Milano or Genova (Italy)
31.10. - Lyon (France) with Bokanovsky
01.11. - Toulon (France) with Bokanovsky
02.11. - Genova or Milano (Italy)

Punk, love and passion

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