nedelja, 06. september 2009


Summer has come to the end and now is time to start kicking again. Last few months we have all enjoyed some free time, not doing much for the band. But here is September and a new tour. We had a lot of problems with booking. Everything went smooth till the point where show after show was canceled. Somehow we managed to book everything, and that's how the tour looks like:

09.09. Germany, TÜBINGEN
10.09. Germany, MAINZ
11.09. Belgium, IEPER
12.09. Netherlands, EMMEN
13.09. Netherlands, ZWOLLE
14.09. Netherlands, Having fun with SCM
15.09. Germany, KOLN
16.09. Germany, HANNOVER
17.09. Germany, BERLIN
18.09. Poland, PIENSK
19.09. Poland, KRAKOW
20.09. Poland, BIALA PODLASKA
21.09. Poland, Day Off
22.09. Czech Republic, PRAGUE
23.09. Czech Republic, OLOMOUC
24.09. Czech Republic, CESKY TESIN
25.09. Poland, NOWY SĄCZ
26.09. Austria, NEUSIEDL AM SEE

We are also booking a short tour in the end of October. Help us if you can, here are the dates:

29.10. - Trieste (Italy)
30.10. - Milano or Genova (Italy)
31.10. - Lyon (France) with Bokanovsky
01.11. - Toulon (France) with Bokanovsky
02.11. - Genova or Milano (Italy)

p.s. today we got our 7". I must say they look sweet, considering they are done by us and we haven't spent much money for the covers and stuff. Don't worry we will have them on tour.

See ya around!!!

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