sreda, 12. maj 2010

Finally - TOUR!

So in 6 days we are leaving on our second tour this year. Below you can see the dates (we are looking for 2 more shows, if anyone could help, please let us know).

We still havent recorded the songs for our first LP, because we were too lazy and/or too busy, but we are doing it first week after the tour for sure!

See you around!!

18.05. - Pogo Loco (Budapest, HUN) w/Kernel Panic, Spark
19.05. - NEED HELP! (Slovakia)
20.05. - Pub Zdarta Plyta (Nowy Sacz, POL) w/Aletheia
21.05. - Culture Center (Ruda Slaska, POL) w/Glöm Dä, Konspirationen
22.05. - Tekture (Lublin, POL)w/ Moscow Death Brigade, Jah Wind
23.05. - Elba Squat (Warsaw, POL) w/Shades Of Grey, All Day Hell
24.05. - Kawiarnia Naukowa (Krakow, POL) w/Shades Of Grey
25.05. - Day off
26.05. - Vegalite (Brno, CZ) w/Shades Of Grey, Jonestown
27.05. - EKH (Wien) w/From The Depths, Rivers Run Dry
28.05. - NEED HELP! (HUN) w/Rivers Run Dry
29.05. - Atelier DIY (Timisoara, ROM) w/Shades Of Grey, Pavilionul 32
30.05. - CK 13 (Novi Sad, SRB) w/Shades Of Grey, Reflections Of Internal Rain
31.05. - Medika (Zagreb, CRO) w/Shades Of Grey, Gardens Of Hiroshima
01.06. - MKNŽ (Il. Bistrica, SLO) w/Shades Of Grey
03.06. - Sub (Graz, AUT) w/Sand Creek Massacre, Gun Mob, Post War Depression, Kain

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