ponedeljek, 24. maj 2010



we are in Krakow right now, one of the few occasions i can check the Internet. I checked our buddies BOLDRIDER blog. It's a skate blog made by our friends, who truly believe in a DIY way of doing stuff. We, as one of rare DIY/punk/alternative lifestyle supporters in our home town, feel really sad to see that people are trying to destroy actions that contribute to a social and cultural life in our town.
Sadly, post is not in English, but if you would like to find out something more about everything just comment the post and i think guys will be more than happy to translate it.

DIY OR DIE!!!!!!

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Anonimni pravi ...

how was in krakow guys?

Anonimni pravi ...

i just wanted to tell that melete are fucking amazing and i miss you all 4 ! So come and party overhere ! Much love