nedelja, 06. junij 2010


Tired I am trying to write another thank you list, but my head is too fucked up to remember all the names. So sorry to all I don't remember right now, but you know we love you and we will always remember you. Ok, thanks to: Eszter, Dr. Slayer and Budapest punx to set 2 gigs for us, thanks to Botond for helping us with 2 last minute shows, Szeged crew, Suchar and Nowy Sacz drunks for a nice show and home made vodka, Dymek and squaters from Berza, Lublin anarchists for taking care for us, Pawel and All day hell guys for a great time in Warsaw, Maciek and Marian from Krakow, Sasa and Jolanda bar people for letting us stay in their house when we had a day off, Amy, Andy and EKH squaters, Pavilionul 32 to set a gig in Timisoara which was one of the best shows we have ever done, Spaske/Ground zero/ROIR crew for a great time in Novi Sad, Jasmin and Gonzo for helping us again in Zagreb, our brothers Aleks and Simon from Ilirska Bistrica, Boredom & Plague mass crew. In the end a special thank you to Jure who replaced our original bass player for a half of the tour, Spark, Shades of Grey for unforgettable 8 days and of course our boyfriends and girlfriends Nina, Mikey, Erik, Kim, Dave, Thijs, Peter, Jano and Vivaldo. We already miss you!!!! Same goes to pretty guys and girls from Post War Depression and Gun Mob.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon somewhere. Now I am off to boring life again.

Andrej & Melete

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