petek, 13. avgust 2010


It's been a while from our last post. It's summer time, vacations blablabla... and also we are on a little hiatus. After our last tour, Luka decided to take a brake and focus on college. He would like to finish his degree till the end of September. Due to his decision we canceled our September tour and also postponed recording of our LP. We will work on that one as soon he will be done with his current work.

Since we all love touring other members decide to start a new band, so we can still go on tour in September. This tour won't be so long as would be Melete's one, but still, better than nothing. We are called PAPERPLANECRASH, and if you would like to know more, check out:

We have big plans for the future with both bands, so stay in touch.

Love, punk, passion

p.s. Watch out for Human host body (Luka's other band) new recordings. They are in mixing process, and what I heared I must say they did killer job.

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hi man
update me with some more news about... i'm still into your lp